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We consider EXHIBITORS, people who bring items or talents to share with the crowd...If you are considering being an exhibitor, look below!
We consider VENDORS, people who bring items or talents to the show to sell for profit...If you are considering being a vendor at the Menno Power Show, please find the VENDOR link on the main Power Show page.

Exhibitors get into the show FREE!

We have many different ways you can exhibit your neat stuff...

Limited ONLY by your imagination!!!

1. Toys- If you have farm toys, dolls, miniature steam models or virtually anything small and collectible, let us know and we will make room! 

Historically, we get Farm Toys, Tonka Trucks, License Plates, Porcelain Dolls, Miniature Steam Models, Salesman Samples, Fireworks and more!

2. Full Size Tractors / Steam Engines- Bring whatever you have!

3. Stationary Engines - We have indoor and outdoor displays of stationary gas engines and associated equipment.

4.  Full Size Car and/or Truck - We have a super little car display during the show.

5. Unique artisan qualities.

We have had: Wagon Wheel Maker, Wagon Wheel Quilt Maker, Blacksmith, Chain Saw Artist, Painter

WAY TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE!!!  And much too hard to do this page justice...If you want to exhibit...WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU!!!